Boorganic Drinking Straws 10pcs/set

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Let's celebrate the Party Pack!

10 reusable bamboo drinking straws and 1 stainless steel straw cleaner in a handy  carry-anywhere bag.  

That's enough for you and your besties.  Whether you're going out for the night or planning a tropical island holiday, take your Party Pack with you to be sure never to need another sucky single-use plastic straw ever again!

Our Boorganic bamboo drinking straws are the natural alternative!  Sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly, they won't leach toxins into your drink and they won't harm our beautiful marine creatures.

They WILL make your drinks look like they belong in a holiday commercial, and they'll do that whilst giving back to environmental initiatives and women's empowerment programs. 

Plus, bamboo is naturally antibacterial!  The straws come in various diameters according to the natural shape of the bamboo stalk from which the straw is cut.  They are dishwasher safe or you can rinse them in a vinegar solution between uses.  

Simple!  Designed by Nature.