Bamboo Straws Sets

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You'll never get sucked into single-use plastic straws again with the Boorganic Straws Pack. 

These natural hand-cut bamboo drinking straws come with a stainless steel straw cleaner in your own handy calico carry-anywhere drawstring pouch.  

Take them with you wherever you go and start the conversation about single-use plastics. 

 Join us in the War on Waste and share your #yourstrawselfie to help spread the word!  Sustainable living starts with us.

Key features:

    • Reusable - Plastic straws are made to be used just once and thrown away after that. Our bamboo straws are easy to reuse and highly durable. They can last for years if you maintain and clean them well.

    • Biodegradable - Our bamboo straws are made of 100% plant based bamboo. This means it is biodegradable and is not polluting for the environment.

    • Easy to carry - Because the straws have a sturdy build, you can carry them easily with you without the fear of breaking them. You can just put them in our pouch, and take them everywhere. 

    • Easy to clean - With the brush that is included it is very easy to clean everything on the inside.

    • Unique & elegant - The uniqueness of bamboo straws and their natural appearance gives them a sense of elegance.

    • Cheaper - By buying a pack, you don't need to constantly buy new plastic straws, which makes it overall cheaper.

What do I get:

  1. One, two or four bamboo straws

  2. One brush

  3. One pouch

Bear in mind that we are not responsible for injuries caused by wrong use of our products! Our straws are made for drinking, nothing else.